Daily activities that can prevent spot outbreaks!


  1. Wash your face everyday

    Just like brushing your teeth do this once in the morning and once at night, use your hands or muslin clothes as flannels and sponges can irritate the skin.

  2. Use sunscreen everyday

    The sun and the damage it causes is the main reason for dark spots on the skin, using sunscreen over SPF 30 stops the UVB and UVA rays which damage the skin. I personally find BB Creams do a great job to help protect and moisturise your skin!

  3. Get out more

    Exercising daily improves circulation and your immune system, this can be moderate exercise like walking for fifteen minutes, and remember to wash your face afterwards to prevent dirt and sweat causing more spots.

  4. Try not to touch your face

    Touching your face causes you to transfer bacteria and dirt which leads to more spots. So please resist!

  5. Moisturise

    Find a moisturiser which suits your skin type and apply it in the morning and at night to help combat spots before they happen. Even if you have acne, find an oil free one, don’t think to avoid it, it really helps protect your skin!

  6. Cut down on cosmetics

    Most makeup a contain oils and other ingredients which are harmful to the skin and cause spots therefore you should aim to use it sparingly or find products which benefit the skin. Try organic or having make-up free days… you can sure tell the difference!

  7. Wash your hair frequent and makeup brushes

    Dirty hair can cause a dirty face, transferring oils and bacteria that build up over the day. Make sure to tie back longer hair to keep it off the face and clean your makeup brushes as they trap in dirt… or simply just use your hands! They are much more cleaner and regular cleaned than your brushes!

  8. Take time to relax

    Stress has been liked to spots and is a known cause of breakouts, it’s no use following the advice beforehand if you’re stressed out all the time.

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