My top 10 tips to reduce stress!


I’m the queen of being overly worried and stressed! So by no means, I don’t know the answers to how to get rid of stress I’m afraid… If only there was a switch to just turn it off! But, I can at least give my personal advice and tips on how to get out of the stress ASAP!

StressΒ is completely normal and everyone deals with it from time to time. A little bit of stress is considered good as it helps push you to your goals, however too much stress can take its toll. But what is the definition of stress? It is the feeling of being under too much mental or emotional pressure, and pressure turns into stress when you feel unable to cope.

Below are just some of the things I personally like to do when I get too stressed out:

1. Give yourself a break

Stop whatever you are doing which is stressing you out and put your life on pause! Don’t worry about the future and put your feet up because you need to look after your no.1 (yourself). So put your secretly loved jams or TV shows on and just R-E-L-A-X!

2. Treat yourself

One thing I have developed is a shopping addiction in our to snap me out of stress. Why? Simply because it distracts me and calms me down. I don’t always have money to spend whenever I please but just browsing works well with me! So if you want a dessert at your favourite restaurant or buy a new top for the weekend then… why not!

3. See my friends/family

I’m lucky that I have lovely friends and family that help distress me when I feel most stressed. My mum sends me cheesy motivational quotes via Facebook and I cringe so much but it does half work! You could talk out the problem or the worry with someone or they can be someone who helps distract you from it! Either way, I always feel like they help!

4. Be Active

I don’t think I’ve ever met anyone who has finishedΒ a gym session or a run and not felt more positive than they did to start with. So if you can find time to do any form of exercise even if it is just a walk round to begin with, at least it is something!

5. Write it down

Just like what I’m doing now! I always find writing my problems out on paper or on the computer etc helps me express myself and just makes me more positive in myself. Alternatively, it also helps me pin point what is the actual problem. I don’t know if it’s me but give it a try and see if it benefits you.

6. Turn a negative into a positive

The older I get, the wiser I get. I look at the bigger picture and I feel like everyday is precious to me so turning the negative into a positive is the main one which helps me to snap out of the stress. For example I’m doing this blog to help people learn and help from my own experience, I don’t have to but it’s turning it into a positive eh? See if you can do it to yours πŸ™‚

7. Structure myself

Get your calendar out and plan! If you haven’t got a calendar of some sort… go get one! Creating milestones and goals will really help yourself, think business… all businesses have structure and so should your own life (to an extent!)

8. Clean my room

I always have an urge to clean because I feel like it’s a good alone thinking time to myself as well benefiting from a clean room! By all means I don’t do this every time I get stressed but is something that when I do clean, it does help.

9. Run a bath and get the candles out!

Do it like you see in the movies! Run a warm bath, get your candles out, turn off the lights and just have some alone time! Need I say anymore?!

10. Meditate!

Might be embarrassing but why?! Especially if no one else is around… or go to a yoga class and do it as a community! I got an app a while back when it effected my sleeping habits (still does from time to time) and it honestly helped me! Give it a go, I feel like it’s the fact you have put a side some time of your dayΒ which helps too!

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