My top 8 skincare tips!


1. Make sure you have multiple cleansers – One thing that I found beneficial is have multiple cleansers for my face. Your body will get use to the same product so it’s important to rotate on a cycle so they can benefit your skin to its full potential (I have 3 cleansers).

2. Aloe Vera – Nothing beats it! One of my trusty go to is Aloe Vera! So when my skin is swollen, red and sore and I don’t know what to put on to make it better, I always put Aloe Vera! It helps naturally cool and moisturize your skin.

3. Tea Tree Oil – This is for my acne side! Do you get an odd spot on your body? I do and one thing I felt worked a treat instantly is Tea Tree bar of soap. It helps dry out your spot and vanish in no time at all!

4. No makeup brushes – They just spread the germs and make you break out more! Unless you clean your makeup brushes everyday, I really suggest not using them. Using your hands is just as good and is the safest option.

5. Clean towels & bedding – It’s important to regularly change and clean your towels and bedding. I feel like its best for people with problematic skin to keep this up as any slight chance of dirt can be trapped in there, we spend a lot of our lifetime cleaning ourselves and sleeping!

6. Exfoliating gloves/ flannels – Majority of the time with me is that I have all these cleansers but I don’t do it correctly! Using exfoliating gloves  or flannels help get rid of the dry skin that wants to linger.

7. Don’t pick your spots – I do this all the time and is something I’m adjusting to, if you pick them even if they are yellow heads, it’ll just spread and make more spots!!!

8. Allergy tablets – Warning don’t rely on this method but I found using allergy tablets a great way to reduce the size or get rid of any upcoming spots. This is logic as allergy tablets are to reduce swelling and obviously a spot is swollen etc.


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