My top 5 pieces of advice!


One thing that I have noticed when suffering from inflamed skin is that I take it out on myself, when I really shouldn’t! I feel like I’m the most negative when my skin is bad and lets face it, that is just making it worse! The more I beat myself up about it (which is a lot) it only gets worse. I know it’s easier said than done but turning this skin care into a positive can really help benefit your skin!

1. Make sure you don’t over do it and take breaks – I worry, I stress and there’s no happy outcome with that as it just leads to is bad skin and me feeling sorry for myself! I highly recommend you to take breaks from what you are doing and relax!

2. Treat yourself, there’s no harm – I love this one! If you are doing really well on this diet or at work I feel like it’s always important to treat yourself. I praise myself all the time, I honestly don’t think I could hack life any other way (my fav is shopping hehe).

3. Get yourself out and distract yourself – So what your skin isn’t flawless?! I always overthink the situation and cancel with people. It’s completely the wrong attitude! Rather than cancelling and dwelling on it… Go have fun with your loved ones!

4. Healthy mind is a happy mind – I am caked up with deadlines but going to the gym regularly can only do wonders for you! Not one person can tell me after going to the gym they don’t feel more positive than when they first got there… so go! This also relates to a healthy diet of course, using the healthier option is always a rewarding feeling afterwards.

5. Don’t give up, be patient – Inflamed skin sucks, I know! But there isn’t a quick fix to it! It takes time and your body is working its very hardest to get you back to normal! Be patient and don’t stress about it!

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